Glass art

Our B&B is realy very special.. Inside the B&B, you can visit glass gallery "Het Maasduin". The owner of the B&B Herman Marissen is exposing his glass art in national and international galleries and museums. All the art in our house gives a very special atmosphere and on your room you will enjoy even more glass.

You can receive an extensive tour guided by the owner. Inside the gallery you can find art of other professional artists as well. Prices are low because of the unique concept of art at home. Something for everybody, but underlining unique quality!

In the large garden ou can also enjoy the varying expositions of statues made of glass and other materials. Once in a while, other artists will have an exposition in the  garden. 

Art, Bed & Breakfast is a unique concept which gives art lovers chance to enjoy special glass art in a special house.

Visit the wesite of glass gallery "Het Maasduin" to have a closer look.